Always some good news somewhere.

Xiang and Wife

Once upon a time in far away England, a student from the east of China arrived to study Business and Finance.  His English was, let’s say ‘below the required level’, and the university frowned.  The ever tenacious student shrugged off the assessment and reduced the mountain he had to climb to the size of an ant hill.  First he convinced his tutor he could succeed.  How he managed this first step I shall never know, but it was crucial to everything that followed.   He then worked.  No, not just worked, he really, made improbable efforts to succeed.   The story is long, so straight to the results.   Xiang completed two degrees and reached Masters level.  He became employed and has been working ever since.   All of that is not the good news, for that, you simply have to look at the image above.  Very many congratulations Xiang.

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