Anghor: cool on the inside

Anghor cool on the inside I’d been ‘templed out’ by the time I left Uttar Pradesh ten years ago. The architecture of Laos managed to raise the pulse marginally, and the sheer number of shrines at Bagan in Myanmar made some impression on me – after a beer.  Surprising then that Anghor Wat managed to leave me awe struck, perhaps more than that, since years later coming across this picture taken by Osumu Susuki I’m transported back, not to Anghor but to a state of mind too difficult to explain.  Three consecutive mornings we cycled before dawn from Siem Reap along the deserted roads, and long before we reached our destination on days two and three we both fell completely silent.  For myself, it was wondering if the previous days assault on my senses had been a fluke, perhaps the oppressive heat, living on four or five hours sleep,  and the sight of the jungle eating into the relics. Not once or twice, but three days.  It could have been more were it not for the pressing need to return to Hong Kong and back into mainland China.  Anghor drilled a hole through an impenetrable mind which only ever dealt with what is.  Coming across this image today I know the healing process is incomplete.

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