PLA provide drinking water relief

PLA convoys forming

PLA convoys forming

On a trip into Kunming this morning I watched as People’s Liberation Army (PLA) convoys carrying drinking water formed up in DongFeng square.  The water will be taken to the hardest hit areas of Yunnan affected by the ongoing drought.

The forecast all week has been for 99% chance of rain Saturday 27th March 2010 producing 7.5mm rain  followed by lesser amounts on Sunday.  Similar forecasts last week promised rain yesterday but while cloud cover looked promising not a drop fell to earth.

Employees from commercial bottled water companies standby as soldiers of the PLA transfer bottled water to an army truck. Meanwhile agricultural experts from Kunming, including my own boss (Prof. Zhu Haishan) from YAU, have been sent out as far as Wenshan on fact finding missions to assess the extent of the damage to crops and farm land.


Puzzling behaviour during a drought.

Twice in one day this small garden has been watered.  The support services department responsible are possibly also responsible for placing ‘save water’ stickers around the establishment.

There are three possibilities here:

  • if this is water from the domestic mains water supply  (and I believe it is) then clearly the actions portrayed here and replicated all over the city (not to mention the car washes) is irrational;
  • this is drain / sewer water in which case it is surely a health hazard;
  • the third possibility is unknown to me but could provide a rational explanation.

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