At precisely 2200 on Saturday 27 March 2010 lightning flashed across the sky to the north of Kunming, thunder followed and for the last hour there has been a downpour of torrential rain.  There were the usual cries of surprise and laughter when people get caught in the rain but along with it there was some applause.

Those without umbrellas are simply strolling up the main drive of the university toward dormitories.  There will be first year students walking up this main drive this evening, who will tonight, for the first time since coming here last October, paddle up the long sloping road as it begins to resemble a fast running stream.  This happens even after a moderate downpour but tonight no one will curse the lack of adequate drainage.  The air has turned fresh and months of dust is being washed away from buildings and the tallest trees.

There could be more good news: the current seven day forecast offers the prospect of rain every day until next Friday.

If the rain of the last hour continues all night and into tomorrow it will have little immediate impact on the disaster brought about by the longest drought in fifty years, but it’s a glimmer of hope just at a time when many were left wondering if it would ever rain again.  The Dai people may enjoy their water splashing festival after all.


Not the end of drought conditions but it's a start.

3 Responses to “Rain!”

  1. Comments received by SMS and other media: says:

    “It’s raining!!!!!”

    “It’s real wet rain, it’s brilliant. 🙂

    “Really? It’s Cooooool!”

    “It’s so beautiful.”

    Comments on gokunming website:

    Posted by: colinflahive
    Pumping up my raft to get to work tomorrow. Woohoo!

    Posted by: zlif23
    :). si, que bien!

    Posted by: Danmairen
    Never thought it would feel so good to be soaked.

  2. Wang Yu says:

    Because of this rain,I have a fever.

  3. Nick says:

    A bottle of LanCang will cure the fever 🙂

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