“…a few drops to rinse my eyes”.

“I use a few drops of water to rinse my eyes every other day”

Li Shaorong. Shiyanzi in Xundian county, Yunnan.

Li Shaorong  goes on to say that he and his wife have not tasted soup for months. They’ve been eating plain rice, pickles and a few slices of radish for every meal of the day. Their house is dusty, and the towels have turned as hard as cardboard. They don’t even remember the last time they had a bath.  China Daily, 6th. April 2010

The current Chinese twenty reminbi note depicts one of the most beautiful scenes in China.  In 2004 I sailed down the Lijiang river in Guilin which weaves its way through the outstanding karst scenery.  The picture now is different; gone are the boats, gone is the river and all that remains are the rocks on the river bed.

The story of Li Shaorong and contrasting pictures of the famous scenic area are reported in China Daily.   Special coverage can be seen here.

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